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Volunteer Raking
Volunteer painting
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Join the SHORE Board of Directors  
The board meets once every month on the third Monday of the month.

Join one of our Standing Committees 


  • Finance Committee

  • Internal Committee

  • External Committee

   Other Ways You Can Help


  • Organize a collection or fundraiser at your house of worship or community organization

  • Help with yard work to beautify our properties

  • Volunteer to help with painting or repairs on our homes

  • Help stuff our fundraising letters or event invitations

  • Donate turkeys, hams, holiday foods, or gift cards to local grocery stores so that our 23 families can enjoy festive Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Donate individually or organize a food drive 

  • Bake holiday cookies for distribution to our families- bake them with your kids to teach them the joy of giving

  • Donate holiday toys/gifts or gift cards for the children and teens in our rental units

To volunteer, please contact Susan McCarthy:

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