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I am forever grateful for the support and the "home" that SHORE has provided for my family.
homeless family

My two little girls and I have lived in SHORE housing for 7 years now. Before that we lived in a shelter. I was constantly worried about where my girls would play or whether I had left any of my belongings out.


One day I got a phone call saying that SHORE was building a new home in Ardsley and asking if I wanted one of the apartments in it. I was so happy I started to cry!


I remember the day we first saw the apartment… it wasn’t finished yet but I thought "THIS IS PERFECT!"


When we moved in, SHORE made sure we had furniture and that my girls had school supplies.

Thanksgiving came along and I got bags filled with food and a giant turkey! Words can't describe the feeling of gratitude I had that day. At Christmas, SHORE came with cookies and gifts for my girls.


SHORE continues to amaze me with how supportive they are at each and every step of our lives. If it wasn't for them we would never have come so far.


This apartment is truly a gift that has lifted a great burden off of my family. 
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My parents and I have been living in a SHORE apartment in Yonkers for 4 years. 


I was taken aback the first time I saw our apartment. It was brand new… the windows still had the stickers on them! It was a far cry from the dilapidated dwelling we had been living in. There would be no more drafts in the winter!


The apartment is in a house on a quiet, dead end street where we feel safe. We have a small backyard where we can barbecue and enjoy the summer sun. 


I was able to complete my education at Westchester Community College without having to worry about housing. My father, who is semi-retired, is less stressed about finances.

Without SHORE, we would not have been able to move in to such a lovely home. It is truly a blessing!


It's hard not to lose hope. It’s hard not to feel like you’re failing your family.
HORE rescued me!

homeless family

I first came to live in one of SHORE’s houses five years ago after being homeless for two years.

I was married for almost 15 years. After years of abuse I finally got the courage to pack up my children and leave.

I got an apartment and a job. Soon after, my husband found me and I had to pack up and move again. This happened several times. I ran through all my savings and lost my car.

We moved into a domestic violence shelter but it was hard on my kids. We slept on mats on the floor and every morning we had to pack up and leave for the day.

Finally, I was given the opportunity to leave California and return to my home state of New York under a domestic violence program. When I arrived we lived in a homeless shelter. I can’t tell you how difficult that was.

Then one day SHORE came to my rescue. They had an apartment for rent.

I was at my lowest low at that point but moving into that apartment gave us our life back. SHORE saved me.

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