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The COVID-19 Health Crisis 

is also a Housing Crisis!

Housing Crisis2.jpg

As we navigate these unprecedented times, we ask for your generosity once more...


Our families are facing difficult decisions. Buy food or pay rent? Refill prescriptions or pay rent? 


Many have lost their jobs, or are at risk of losing their jobs, have underlying medical conditions, and are isolated from informal support systems of families, friends and houses of worship. They no longer have the incomes to pay rents to SHORE/ICARE.


SHORE/ICARE continues to provide housing and support to our families in White Plains, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, Ardsley, Sleepy Hollow and Yonkers. We also provide access to food and more. We will soon provide tablets (thanks to the Westchester Community Foundation) to help our families access unemployment and other benefits and stay connected to us, as well as their families and friends.


But we need your help. 

Our housing expenses – fuel, utilities, insurance, mortgage payments, repairs, etc. have to be paid, even as rental income falters. PLEASE help keep our families securely sheltered in their homes now and in the future.  

Please support our families
SHORE/ICARE needs your help now

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