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SHORE (Sheltering the Homeless Is Our Responsibility, Inc,) an all-volunteer, interfaith, not-for-profit housing organization in central Westchester County, NY, began in 1985 when a half-dozen churches and temples joined forces and opened their doors to provide overnight shelter for nineteen single, homeless adults. In the years since, SHORE has expanded its mission to include other housing-related programs, primarily permanent, affordable rental homes for homeless families.

SHORE constructed 14 new affordable units in White Plains for 7 first-time homeowners and 7 formerly homeless families. In 2010 SHORE completed the construction of a new 2-family home in Ardsley, NY. We also manage a 2-family home in Sleepy Hollow, NY. In 2012 SHORE initiated a project to acquire 3 additional 2-family homes and merge the operation of I CARE (Interfaith Council for Affordable Residence) in the Larchmont and Mamaroneck communities. The merger will complete in the coming months.


We count on your contribution to help us meet our goal. Please be generous.

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No one is homeless by choice.
Instead, the choice is ours - to open our hearts and help.

If you would like to support SHORE and/or learn more about our work, please contact:

PO Box 814, White Plains, NY 10602
Telephone (914) 328-1896 Or by e-mail